29 January 2014

Weekly Roundup - Week 4

So this year seems to be flying by already, we're already onto our fourth week of 2014, how crazy is that?! My week has had ups and down, but it could've been worse. Its so weird to think that its nearly the end of January and only just over 120 days till my birthday! No I'm not counting at all.. Anyway, heres my week for you.

Top Row (L-R) - Walking to the bus in the pitch black, My photos from the train stations arrived, Scrubbing down my bedroom walls ready to be painted, A random hilarious file i found on my laptop.
Bottom Row (L-R) Selfie of my monochrome outfit, cartilage piercing sorted, mini haul photo, cosy evening in with Pandy!
To start this week i had my theory lesson at college on thursday for two hours. It was a little dull and didn't result in getting too much work done but it could've been worse. I then got the bus to work at 12, popped in to drop some stuff off then headed home where i settled in bed for the day to do my college and whine about the miserable weather outside and how my photos hadn't yet been delivered. Lets not mention that i only ordered them on wednesday night. 

Friday was pretty good if I'm honest, i woke up feeling really good as id been getting a decent amount of sleep for the past few nights and headed off to college a happy girl. We had a photoshop workshop scheduled for the day so that was really fun and made the day go so quickly. I got home at about 5ish and spent my evening doing my coursework. Im so boring aha. I also order a few pretty things from New Look as i had a 20% off code and can't wait for them to arrive! I'll hopefully be doing a mini haul post soon! I went to bed pretty early again which was nice.

Saturday was the start of my big bedroom clear out. Im redecorating to finally get the 'beauty blogger' room I've always dreamed of. aha no, I'm just sick of all my teddies and bright pink walls. 6 bin bags later and a very confused mum, and its finally clear. Now all we have to do is order the furniture and get the paint and we'll be well on our way to finishing my room!

On Sunday i began prepping my bedroom walls for painting by washing them down with sugar soap. Horrible, horrible stuff. I then went to work which was pretty standard and spent most of my evening finishing off my bedroom walls. I had a horrible nights sleep with grown pains in my leg, which made for a very grumpy Anya in the morning.

I started Monday very grumpy and lazy, but headed off into town to pick up my New Look order, more on that later, and grab a few bits and bobs. Ran into my college tutor as well which was interesting trying to explain why i wasn't at home doing private study. I also got my cartilage piercing changed after about 5 months of having a CBR without the ball! Oops! I then went home to my mums and my dad picked me up and took me to the stables, which was very cold and wet, but fun nonetheless. We then went back to my dads and watched telly for the evening and had a nice catchup!

Tuesday was okay. I had college and for the first time in ages it was actually light when i was walking to the bus stop, well, not light, but lighter. College was pretty average. We had a printing workshop which i left early and went home from because id finished everything i needed to do. The evening was pretty dull, i was really tired from getting up early and cosied myself up in bed watching films. Thank god for netflix. 

Today, wednesday, I'm posting this early as i want to spend the rest of my day writing new blog posts and doing my art seeing as i have a day off. I found out this morning that i had been nominated for a Liebster award and did my post on that. Im still chilling in bet as well and its just turned 12. I should probably get up soon but oh well.

So this is how my week has gone, how has yours been? Id love to know! 

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