17 January 2014

Soap & Glory Hand Food REVIEW

Hello there my lovelies, hope everybody has had a lovely week, i honestly cannot even begin to explain how excited i am that it's Friday! Anyway, so a little while back i managed to pick up Soap & Glorys 'The Yule Monty' in Boots for just £27. I hadn't previously owned any S&G products but when i saw everybody raving about this in the blogosphere i knew i had to get it. Two of my favourite pieces of the kit had to be the Hand Food hand cream, and Heel Genius, the foot cream so I'm going to review both of them. Today's review is of Hand Food, the cream. 

Also, apologies for the slightly out of focus photos, i was using my brothers camera to replace my rubbish phone camera which i had been previously using, and haven't quite grasped how to manual focus, or change the F-Stop. Any tips on my photos/backgrounds/lighting would be greatly appreciated!

The packaging for Hand Food is the typical S&G pink which features on most of their products. The tube i got was 125ml, and feels rather weighty to carry so may not be suitable for carrying around in your bag. However, if i can find a miniature of this i may.. However it feels very ergonomic to hold in your hand which makes it even nicer. The front says it features macadamia oil, Shea butter and marshmallow which is always a mix for a winner.

Along with the packaging the actual hand cream itself has the typical S&G scent, not too sweet, but it definitely smells 'pink'.. whatever that means. The formula is rather thick and you only need a little amount to go a long way, so you won't be running out of this anytime soon. 

I usually use a little pea sized amount, like on my toothbrush, and rub it in. It does sit on the skin a little bit but with a little bit of massaging in, it sinks in rather well. I have noticed that my hands feel a little greasy for around 5 minutes after applying but this isn't really a problem for me as i only apply it when I'm on my laptop/reading/watching tv, so don't have much use for my hands.

It leaves my hands slightly scented which may possibly be bad if you have easily irritated skin but i find it smells really refreshing. My hands feel a lot softer after using this, and it leaves them hydrated for a good few hours with constant use which i guess is what a hand creme is supposed to do. I wouldn't use this too much however as i think that it may begin to irritate my hands with too much use.

You can find this in Boots for £5, which i think is a little bit overpriced but for the amount of use you'll be getting out of it i don't think its too bad, and i would probably pay for it. They also do a 50ml version, yes i found it, for £2.50 so you get slightly less for your money. 

Overall, do i like the product? Yes. Would i purchase it again? Probably, but maybe the smaller version next time as i can't see myself using this all up. 

Have you tried any of Soap & Glory's products? Which was your favourite? Id love to know! 

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