21 January 2014

Where Art Meets Fashion - Will Cotton

Hi there everyone, as you may know, i am an avid artist and not so avid fashion follower. When i came across Will Cotton's work i instantly fell in love. He mixes food, fashion and art and creates the most dreamy images as an outcome and I am definitely in awe of his works.

Will Cotton is an American Painter who lives and works in New York City. In the 90's he based his works on pop icons  but in '96 it soon progressed onto Iconography featuring landscapes made up entirely of pastry, candy and melting ice creams, his work then further progressed onto this. He was also the Creative Director for Katy Perry's "California Girls" music video which as we all know is brilliant.

As you can see above, the images created are of the most adorable nature, and have an almost farytale theme. I love his works and find them so incredibly unique, yet all have an heir of delicateness about them which just adds to the effect.The way he has created the dress on the right with the icing is so beautiful and has an almost realistic feature about it as they're similar colours and patterns which could be found on a real high end dress. 

I only recently discovered Cotton's work due to a lovely Instagram user posting about him, since then i have been totally hooked and can't find another artist i like more. The dreamy images just do it for me and i can't find anything better.

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