30 January 2014

Monochrome Madness - NOTD #2

Everyone is going bonkers for monochrome lately, including me. Having investing in a get dotting tools a little while back I've been absolutely in love with having polka dots on my nails, and seeing as my outfit was black and white, it seemed fitting that my nails would be too.

Excuse the shortness of my nails, and the raggedness of my cuticles. When i get uncomfortable i end up ruining my nails.

To make this mani i applied Sally Hansen's 'Hard As Nails' as a base coat followed by Barry M's 'Matt White' which isn't actually matte. I did two coats for this and allowed it to dry overnight as it tends to smudge quite easily. I then used one of Barry M's Matte nail paints in 'Espresso' to do the black polka dots, i used the matte rather than the glossy finish as i find it dries flatter on the nail. I did small dots on three fingers, ad then large dots on my accent nail and thumb.

I really love the way this looks and i know its not perfect but looks pretty good from a distance and thats good enough for me, and anyway painting short nails is really difficult. I can't wait for them to grow again.. 

I love doing posts like this, what do you think of them? Hope you're all having a lovely day! 

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