20 January 2014

Wishlist #1

Hello there my lovelies! So this month i've been trying to save a bit of money and with this, not been buying myself and clothes/makup/handbags or really anything hat i don't deem to be essential. However with all the sales and having been paid and my christmas money i couldn't help but have a little mooch on all the websites, so here is my first wish list. I don't know how often i'll do these posts but probably whenever i find enough things that i want!

All of these photos are found on their respective websites.

1. Monochrome Colour Block Mini Satchel: £15.99 New Look - I saw this bag over at Lily Melrose's blog (LLYMLRS) and instantly fell in love with it. I always struggle to find small bags that fit enough in and go with a reasonable amount of outfits, yet this one looks like it will! I love buying bags though, and this is at such a great price i don't know why i haven't already bought it. I wonder if i can convince my dad to let me buy another one.. If not, i guess i can always go and admire it in my local New Look store.

2. Vera Wang Pink Princess: £18.95 - I have previously used the 'Princess' perfume and was in love with it, that is until it ran out and i couldn't afford to buy another, however i feel I'm at a place where i can afford to start wearing perfume again without having to rely on other to buy it for me. This has such a pretty smell and would be great for everyday and evenings and i cannot wait to get my hand on it!

3. Ted Baker Caranna Tote Bag: £159 Ted Baker - I got one of the Ted Baker makeup bags for Christmas and pretty much fell in love with the brand and it got me looking on the website where i found this gorgeous bag! Anything pink i love and considering this is Ted Baker it just makes it that tiny bit more beautiful. Its rather costly though however so this may be a bit of a dream for me to own, no matter how much i love it. It just looks like a perfect bag for me, in colour, shape size. Shame about the price tag but that won't stop me!

4. Urban Decay Naked 3 Pallet: Debenhams £37 - Having seen everybody raving about this in the blogosphere i've decided that i do actually want to try this. Im not a huge eyeshadow wearer if I'm honest, and i haven't been too attracted to the other 'Naked' pallets, but this seems to have more of my colour range and i think i could work well with it. Its a little more expensive than i'd want to spend on eyeshadow though so I'm not sure if this is particularly realistic.

5. Tartan & Floral Playsuit: Boohoo.com £12 - Never having been a fan of playsuits, i found it weird when i nearly ended up purchasing these two but i ended up stopping myself when i wondered if i actually needed them. What a mistake.. Ever since i nearly purchased these I've been thinking about them all the time, i just can't afford them at the moment. These stand out to me as they look more like dresses than the traditional frumpy playsuit you seem to find. I also love the floral pattern and the tartant as they're so easy to wear, and with a price like that theres no way you can fail.

5. Mohair Textured Coat: New Look £54.99 - This coat looks so classy and sleek, as well as having such a pretty colour. I've been looking for a nice coat for a while now, something to stray away from all these 'parka' style coats to no avail. If it wasn't for the fact this coat cost £55 it would be in my wardrobe straight away but i just can't afford something like that at the moment which is a shame. The mohair makes this have a really lovely texture though and it feels so warm. I definitely need it before the miserable February weather sets in!

6. Monochrome Chunky Block Heel Boots: New Look £27.99 - Have you ever heard the saying you can never have too many shoes? Yeah? Well i live by this motto. Im loving all the chunky soled boots that have been popping up this winter and these have to be my favourite, at a reasonable price too! I love the contrast of the white sole on the black heel, but I'm just wondering how long it will stay that way? Oh never mind. They're pretty.

7. Real Techniques Limited Edition Duo Fibre Set: Boots £23.99 - I own barely any makeup brushes, but when somethings limited edition it instantly makes me want them. I've seen everybody raving about the Real Techniques brushes but somehow I've never actually bought them, but these brushes are limited edition so why wouldn't i?! I probably sound psychotic right now.. I just think these look a lot nicer than the original Real Techniques brushes and although they're slightly more expensive i still would love to have them.

This is rather expensive aha, never mind. I can buy a lot of cheaper things for that.. yay.

So this is my current wish list. I wonder if i'll still want any of it by time i do my next one? What would be on your wish lists?

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