15 January 2014

Weekly Roundup - Week 2

Hello there my lovelies. So there has been a complete lack of posts this last week and for that i am sorry, I've just been so busy with college and making sure i actually had everything done in time which ill go into more a bit later.

My week started badly to say the least, i started college back up on Tuesday of last week, and that was the only day i went in. I've never been good with going to college as it just isn't as friendly as school was, but my anxiety is really acting up and after a few bad things happened on Tuesday i just couldn't face seeing those people, cue me missing three days of college and my art deadline! Its not a problem, i still got everything done in time. Just. 

Saturday was beautiful weather so i took my pony out on the heath on our first ever alone hack! My pony is a bit of a wimp so this is a huge achievement for me and was an amazing experience for the both of us. We even got to watch the sun set and trot though 2' deep puddles!

Sunday and Monday were spent with my boyfriend, probably the best way to be honest! Completely chilled me out about art and college. We also had a lovely meal out in Frankie and Bennys, we both got pizza of course, and was a very nice way to end my long weekend!

Excuse my lack of makeup/messy hair/hoody, we had just been to the stables!
Tuesday i had college, which I'm not really going to comment on, other than its not going too great. Im really excited by my next project though, even if its only going on for four weeks. 

Finally today has been spent on my laptop listening to music, and tidying my room. Nothing too interesting if I'm honest. Probably should have been using today to do my coursework but i couldn't really find inspiration. 

How has your second week of 2014 been going? Hope its been better than mine!

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  1. Hope your ok. And the sunset looks great it's nice to get out and about. Your pony looks cute.
    Least you had a fab time with your boy friend and hope it took mind of things xx