8 January 2014

Weekly Roundup - Week 1

Hello there my lovelies, so as of 2014 instead of doing random posts about my life I'm going to do a weekly roundup post every wednesday, and this is evidently my first!

So this has been a brilliant start to the year. Spending New Years Eve with some of my good friends, and a few new people, Most of new years was technically on the first so i guess i can talk about it right? We sent a lot of the night playing cards which was really fun and i definitely shared a lot more with people than they probably needed to know but never mind, it was a brilliant night. We ended up sleeping at about 7am, until 11 when everyone was being picked up. The party was in the middle of nowhere so due to rain the whole journey home was pretty much through a river and took twice as long as it normally would. Definitely not a great start to my day! Anyway, i got home and had lunch then went to sleep. This would probably be a good point to apologise to my friend for sleeping through his texts all afternoon. 

Friday i actually did something. I got up early to get the 10:10 bus into town. After being shocked at having to pay £2.40 for a child single i got into Poole and met my good friend and we headed down to costa. Cue me breaking my spending ban. Technically i didn't because my dad gave me the money but oh well. I got a cappuccino and Poppy got a vanilla cooler and we stayed in there for a while, before wondering round a few shops and heading back to the bus station to get another bus to Tower Park. We then went for lunch in TGI Friday's and each got a half rack of ribs, what pigs! Once we finished our food we went to the cinema to watch 47 Ronin, neither of us knew anything about the film before hand but it turned out to be good in the end and well worth the money. I then went home and had an amazing idea about my art project and proceeded to paint my face and take photos of myself. I then spent the rest of the evening drawing before watching My Mad Fat Diary and heading to bed.

The rest of the week had more or less just been spent doing my art and starting back up at college again so theres not really much else thats interesting to post! Also, i started this blog with the intention of posting every other day but thats proving to be rather difficult so i may change it to Monday/Wednesday/Friday. At least that way i have a chance to write all my blog posts on the monday and just schedule them from there, seeing as this is my first weekly roundup and I'm already late i think that might be a good idea! Hows your first week in 2014 been then? 


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. I couldn't actually take my eyes of reading it lol. But sounds like you had a good start to 2014. And I also love sitting in Costa one of my favourite places to sit. Your art work is amazing as well :) I am now following you via bloglovin. And looking forward to reading more xx

    1. ash thank you, thats such a lovely comment! Hehe, I've followed you back too thank you sweet! x