23 January 2014

Scandaleyes Precision Micro Liner REVIEW

Hello there everyone, have you ever bought a product that you've really wanted to like, yet just been bitterly disappointed? Well for me it happened with Rimmel London's Scandaleyes eyeliner. I had seen all the ads on tv, the packaging looked smart and there was the whole 'Scandaleyes' series so i didn't think this product would be bad. Even my dad said it looked good, which is saying something! Anyway, i picked it up in Boots for £5.49 (now £3.49 ugh.) to replace my long loved Seventeen eyeliner.

The packaging is fairly standard for an eyeliner pen, with a plastic outer. It doesn't feel too cheap but will break with a lot of force. It also contains 1.1ml of product which i think is fairly normal. The eyeliner claims its waterproof but i have yet to find an instance when this is true as its run in even the lightest of rain.

On my first application i found that the nib was very hard and hurt to apply the first few times but with a few goes it softened up, but this was just the start of the problems. The eyeliner doesn't apply well at all, in fact it barely applies. Unless you press with a reasonable amount of force i have found that the actual eyeliner comes out streaky and pale. It takes quite a few coats to build up a place line and by that point you're looking like a panda. Not good. Also, because the nib is so thin, it is difficult to build up a smooth line along your lid, i have a fairly steady hand but still found myself having to cover bits over which i haven't had to with other eyeliners.

I love doing flicky eyeliner and this just isn't good enough for that, as it leaves the flicks patchy and pale instead of bold and bright like they're supposed to be. Its a disappointing product even for £5.49 as it had been so hyped up and celebrated on its release, however don't believe the hype and don't waste your money, this is certainly not up to Rimmels normal standards.

Did i like this product? No, but it'll do for college instead of wearing my nice eyeliners. Would i buy it again? Definitely not. I wish i hadn't bought it in the first place!

Sorry for the negative review ladies, i just feel people need to be more aware of how disappointing this product is. Alternatively, did you have a similar experience to me with this product? I'd love to know!

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