26 January 2014

The 'My First Time' Tag

Hey there everyone, so I've seen this tag going round youtube for a while now but because i dont do youtube videos i thought i'd do a written version. Ive come across a few now and i can't remember who tagged me, but as they did, i tag anyone who reads this! I dont normally do tag posts but i thought this was fun and seeing as Sunday is my day off of blogging normally, i thought i'd just do something fun! 

Do you still talk to your first love ?
Im still with my first love luckily! I had a couple boyfriends before but it was nothing really seriously, and certainly not enough for them to be called my first love but yeah. Im still with him and its great!

What was your first job?
My first job is again, something i am still currently in. I work as a sales assistant at Matalan, glamorous, i know. I got the job 2 months after my 16th birthday! 

What was your first car?
Im still 16 so can't actually drive yet, but I'm saving up to start learning in june and then I'm going to be sharing my mums Ford Fiesta Zetec! 

Who was the first person to text you today?
No one yet! *sobs* Nah, its only 10:30 and all my friends have sense and stay sleep until 12.. 

Who is the first person you thought of today?
I was trying to recall who was in my dream to no avail. Failing that, my mum because she brought me a cup of tea into my bedroom. 

Who was your first grade teacher?
Im pretty sure Mrs Evans was my Year 1 teacher, but i can't actually remember. Hmm.

Where did you go on your first ride on aeroplane? 
I went to Spain when i was teeny tiny and i went with my parents! 

Who was your first best friend and do you still talk?
Probably my cousin Jazz, were the same age so we got alone really well. We dont talk that much anymore though.

Where was your first sleepover?
Probably at Jazz's house, i can't remember. 

Who was the first person you spoke to today ?
My mother as she came and woke me up with a cup of tea. 

Whose wedding were you in for the first time ?
My uncles, i was a bridesmaid and i never want to go to a wedding again, it was so boring! 

What was the first thing you did this morning?
Try go back to sleep. 

What was your first ever concert? 
Green Day in London at the O2 arena in like 2009.. 

First broken bone?
My right ankle, it was more of a feature than a break though. 

First piercing ?
Just my ears, a pretty standard piercing! 

First foreign country you went to ?

First movie you remember seeing?
The Winnie The Pooh movie, i think? Or the Tigger one? Essenially, the one where Tigger looks for all his family members and gets stuck in a tree in a storm. 

When was your first dentition? 
Never had one! I was good at school.

Who was your first room mate ?
Never had a room mate, fortunately.

What were the first lesson you ever took?
I did ballet. I regret doing ballet.

Who was the first person "beauty-related" you watched on you tube ever ?
Im pretty sure it was either MeganHeartsMakeup or HayleyIsTCB.

So this is my 'First Time' tag, if you decide to do it leave me a link and id love to check it out! 


  1. I'm definitely going to do this tag as you did - written. Because I don't have a youtube channel either. Had fun reading yours :)

    Stay Beautiful
    Belle xxx

    1. Go for it! I'll be sure to check it out when you do!:) xx