27 January 2014

The Body Shop Born Lippy REVIEW

Hello there my lovelies, son  i did my post the other day on called 'Blogging Blues' about the weather and what better way to follow it up than with a review?! I know what you're thinking.. yes there are plenty of other ways, but I've noticed more so this winter than ever before that my lips have been dry, chapped and sore due to the cold. Ive been struggling to find something that actually works on my lips until i came across the body shops 'Born Lippy' selection.

Flash, eugh.
I don't often venture into Body Shop, i was in fact looking for something for my mum on this occasion but i came across these little beauties instead. They're the Born Lippy lip balm pots. When i bought them they were on offer; 2 for £3, so i obviously snapped up two of the raspberry ones. Raspberry is my favourite scent for things like this! Each pot contains 8.5g of product and although this doesn't sound like a lot you won't be running out of it too quickly as a little goes a long way! 

Only noticed this was slightly out of focus when i got it on my laptop, sorry!
Blurry, bleugh..
These photos are horrible, right?!
Let me start by saying the size of this is a godsend and you can pretty much fit it just about anywhere from your pocket to your purse. It has plastic packaging and a screw on lid but it doesn't look like it'll be breaking anytime soon. Also, with the sealed lid, the scent doesn't go anywhere any time fast. 

The scent and colour are amazing! This has such a sweet, sugary raspberry scent about it. Its definitely something i will never get tired of and it even makes me want to try the other scents, which although sound unappealing probably smell amazing! 

I am still unsure about the consistency of this lip balm, I'm not sure if its because its always been kept warm but its rather gloopy and can sometimes feel a little gooey when you put your finger into the pot. It applies to the lips well and you can instantly feel the effects of softer more hydrated lips. You can taste the raspberry a little but not enough to be noticeable. 

This is definitely one of those products i'll be keeping on me in case of a lip emergency as i love it so much and its just such a convenient size. It doesn't dry out my lips either so is perfect for this kind of weather.

In short, do i like this product? Yes. Would i buy it again? For £2? Definitely. Its a no brainer! Have you tried any of the body shop lip balms? What was your opinion?


  1. I can imagine this smells great, but the thought of dipping my finger into a gooey pot makes me cringe! :( I always use stick lip balms for that reason haha

    1. I usually use an old lip brush! Works wonders and you get the added bonus of being able to use The Body Shop Lip Butters which are UH-Mazing! :D
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    2. Ooh, thats an incredibly good idea! Im gonna have to use that in the future, may look a bit odd while using it out in public though aha x