22 January 2014

Weekly Roundup - Week 3

Hello there everyone, can you believe it we've already completed our third week of 2014?! How crazy is that?! So this is my third weekly roundup and my week has been a little varied, if not boring at times, oh well, on with the post!
I didn't take many lifestyle photos this week.. oops.
Thursday was fairly boring, i wasn't in college, this time due to not actually having to be there. I ended up getting a little bit of my project done and watching 2 seasons of Supernatural. Super productive day there! 

Friday i did have college and thankfully my dad gave me a lift in. College wasn't enjoyable to say the least, but i left early and caught a bus home which made it slightly better. I managed to get quite a bit of work done at college though which was good, and got a little bit of work done at home too.

Saturday, back to work. I haven't been in what feels like forever! It was a pretty good shift if I'm honest, even if i do feel like i do more work than everyone else. I did more or less nothing other than collage work though, i wanted to go out in the glorious weather and get some pictures or go see my pony but no. Work instead. I dont like being old.

Sunday was very much the same as Saturday, i worked all day and yet again it was glorious weather. I debated phoning in sick so i could go to the stables but i dont really want to phone in sick because i dont know how aha. 6 months of working and i dont know how to phone in sick.. I'm useless. In the evening i had pizza with my parents and then settled into bed and watched a bit of tv. I also used a new cleanser on my face which brought it out all red and puffy, but more on that in another post!

Oh monday, the glorious weather, the day off college, how could you get any better? I spent all morning waiting for my mum to finish work and eagerly watching the weather. My mum got home at about twoish and we headed off to the stables and i went on my second lovely alone hack! It started badly, there was a fox and it spooked my horse and we went into a tree oops.. and that left my pony a bit on edge for the rest of the hack but overall it was good and we spent a long time out. The evening i just chilled in bed and got on with some of my college work and on my laptop. Not a bad way to start the week, eh?!

I really didn't fancy getting up on Tuesday, to the point of telling my boyfriend i wasn't going into college. Oops. But i did, a nice hot shower a huge bowl of porridge soon woke me up. College wasn't too bad, except people need to learn when to flirt and when to do their actual work, and not just leave everything to me to do because i will take most of the credit, and share credit when credit is due. The bus home was interesting, some guy blocked the bus stop and then got out of his car to have a go at the bus driver when he beeped his horn. I thought blocking a bus stop was against the law but apparently not in this mans eyes. In the evening i had dinner with my parents and retired to my bed for some art and blogging time, John Tucker Must Die was on too, perfect evening!

Again i really didn't fancy getting up today, so i didn't. I stayed in bed till 9 and didn't go to college. Oopsy! But honestly, i dont think i couldve had a more productive day, I've managed to do so much college work! Essentially, i woke up, got the bus to my dads, picked up my camera, got the bus to my first train station and took photos, got the bus to my second train station and took photos, then got the bus to my third train station and took photos. My art project is on trains in case you couldnt guess.. The photos have come out pretty well overall, and i spent my afternoon in Costa editing them before heading back to my dads. What a lovely day well spent!

The outcome of my photography trip!
My weeks had some ups and downs, what about yours? I'd love to hear about them! 

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