7 January 2014

Barry M - Lash Vegas Waterproof Mascara REVIEW

Hello there lovelies, hope everyones been having a good day! So I'm here today reviewing Barry M's Lash Vegas which i got with an offer in Boots, where i bought two nail polishes and got the mascara free. At least i think thats what the offer was. Anyway, on with the review.

I normally stick to my Maybelline 'One By One' mascara as I've had it for as long as i can remember and none of them have let me down, but when i received this free along with my nail polishes i figured "What can i lose?". Although I'm still pretty much undecided as to whether i like this product or not ill go ahead and tell you my thoughts anyway.

The applicator is very lightweight and features a spiral brush which is very similar to what I'm used to. It made it fairly easy to apply the mascara and spread through the lashes fairly evenly. The formula for the mascara was rather runny and really easily transferred onto my upper eyelid as i have long lashes.The mascara itself did really well and made my eyelashes look long, dark and bold which is pretty much what i was aiming for. 

Although the mascara looked good i found that it dried incredibly hard and although i'm not 100% sure if it was due to the mascara but it made my eyelids a little bit sore which i think was due to how stiff the lashes were. It was also rather difficult to get off unless you used actual makeup wipes, but on the plus side its definitely waterproof as there was no sign of it budging in the shower! 

Overall i think this is one of those mascaras that will be kept for use in emergencies or whenever mine runs out but definitely won't be an everyday thing. Having not tried Barry M mascaras before though, however, i don't know if this is similar to any of their others. This isn't really a positive or negative review i guess, but its just my opinion. Have any of you used this and have so you had similar thoughts? Id love to hear your views!

Love Anya xxx

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