24 January 2014

Soap & Glory Heel Genius REVIEW

 Hello there my lovelies! So its been a week since my last Soap & Glory review, and here i am today with my second part, the Heel Genius foot cream review. Having used the other 'Yule Monty' products over the past week i can definitely say that S&G products are growing on me, and may possibly begin to be one of my favourite brands, but hey ho, on with the review.

Heel Genius comes in very similar packaging to 'Hand Food' shown in the top photo, and they make a brilliant pair. The bottle is again £5 for 125ml and unlike Hand Food i've been unable to find a smaller version. I really like the design on this packaging, its very typographical and looks really interesting and full, the swirls are a lovely touch. 

To use this you apply it generously to your feet and cover them with cotton socks and go to bed. I'd never used anything like this before but it was definitely interesting to try, even if it did feel a little weird with the socks on. 

The formula is rather thick and a little manages to cover a lot of area, so you won't use this up quickly. It again has the typical Soap & Glory smell, a little sweet but not overpowering, and seems to remain on your feet for a little while after which is nice.  

It feels greasy to say the least, while its soaking into your skin under your sock. I didn't find this to be very pleasant and was squeaking every time i took a step because of how funny it felt, but if you're less squeamish then you should be fine. 

I went to bed and let this soak in, i can't explain how excited i was in the morning to take off my socks! .. sad i know. I was not disappointed, okay maybe i was a little, but i'll explain that in a bit. My feet were left feeling smooth and soft, just like my hands after using the hand cream. There were parts of my feet that were still rough, but i think that more down to needing a pumice stone than anything else, even if i was hoping for the Heel Genius to magically sort out my feet.

Overall, did i like the product? Yes. Would i buy the product again? I don't know, how important is it to have soft feet? I mean really, ill probably use this once or twice but its not an essential. 

What did you think of this product? Do you have more of a use for it than i do? Id love to know! 


  1. I got the heel genius for Christmas and I use it about twice a week.
    It really moisturises my feet and makes them feel silky smooth in the morning!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog, I am now following you on bloglovin and twitter. Feel free
    to send me a tweet at @MissBeccaBeauty if you ever want to chat or need advise!

    Becca xxx

    1. Awh thanks sweet thats lovely! And yeah i pear it up with scrub of your life which i use on my feet and then i use this and it makes them so nice!:) xx