6 January 2014

What I Got For Christmas

Yay for overexposed photographs!

 Hello there my lovelies, so you're probably all a teeny bit sick of these posts but i thought i'd do one anyway,  don't worry though, it won't just be all the generic presents you've seen all over Instagram i've chosen a few things to spice this post up. Its not all beauty related in fact not a lot of it is but i thought it wouldn't be good to share anyway so you can see some of the types of things i like!

Super fluffy, comfy slippers. Thanks mum!
They just had to know my favourite colour was pink, right?!
The first couple of things i want to share with you are just my winter essentials, things i get every year but i still want more! This year i got a hat&scarf set from my boyfriends parents, and some slippers from my own parents. They're both really cute and suit me perfectly as well as being in my favourite colours.

The box is so pretty!
Look how lovely they are

The second thing I'm sharing is these gorgeous Fred Perry Brogues, which i received from my boyfriend. They're so comfy and look great on but finding something to wear them with is proving to be rather difficult. Im also quite scared to wear them out in all this horrible weather! They were probably better suited as a birthday present in the summer.. but never mind, i will find some way to wear them.

Every year i get books for Christmas, you could say that i was a little bit of a nerd, but theres nothing better to do when you're feeling lonely than immerse yourself in a good book! This year my mother bought me Linwood Barclay's 'A Tap On The Window'. I have been a huge fan of these books ever since i first read one 4 years ago! I saw the advert for this on a train to London and instantly sent a picture to my mum, I'm so happy that I've got it and i cannot wait to start reading! 

The second book i got was more of a joke, yet good present. I love the Star Wars films and have done since forever, so when i opened up this cheeky novelty Shakespearean Star Wars book from my brother i was so amused! Its such a unique gift idea and although i can't really read it its one of my favourite gifts.

If you were hoping this would become more beauty related then I'm sorry but no, this next present from my boyfriend is the Worlds End film starring Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, i loved Hot Fuzz, Paul and Shaun Of The Dead and knew i'd have to get this as soon as it was out but luckily my boyfriend managed to get it for me! Its such a funny and unique film and so worth a watch. 

How creepy is that?!
After the Star Wars book i  was eager to see what else my brother had got me and it turned out to be this 'Creature Cup'. Essentially its a normal mug but with an Octopus place inside in china, the theory is that you won't be able to see it when the mug is full but when you drink some the tentacles appear and yeah. I thought it would be a great idea to use this on guests and scare them but my mum wouldn't let me! Boo. 

Thats it for the presents i want to share with you guys, i just thought id post a few different things so that you're not seeing all the same posts over and over again! What were your favourite presents this Christmas?!

Love Anya xxx

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